Why to choose us?

When it comes to hosting, everyone has a hard time choosing the best hosting provider. It is important to focus your attention on factors such as quality and price. In the rest of this text we will state some facts on why we would be the perfect choice for you, and why we're different from other hosting providers.

Customer satisfaction

Satisfaction of our users is on the first place. We're always trying to meet all your needs, we listen to your advice, which greatly contributes to the improvement of our business. We're ready for all your questions, always. In case the customer is not satisfied, our job hasn't been done properly.

Availability and safety

We try to offer the greatest possible number of providers, with lowest downtime, all that with a fair price. Servers are run by i7 processors which use at least 32 GB of RAM, which ensures that it never comes to network overload. And packages? Packages are adjusted for absolutely everyone, from basic to advanced users, whom we all treat the same.


We're always trying to provide the best service there is. However, if you don't think we do, we will give you a full refund within 7 days. If you're not satisfied with provided service simply contact us and we will return the money.

Technical support

HEvery good hosting provider comes with support – this is where our staff comes into play. They're constantly trying to give as detailed answers as possible. Don't believe us? We challenge you to test us.


Safety To our clients we offer backup of everything from data, scripts, settings to e-mails, every 24 hours on seperate servers. Servers are, of course, protected in well-known data centres across Europe, and they are secured against fire, power outage, thunderstrokes, and many other.

Now that you know why choose us – what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate, become our customer and invest in our services already today – trust us, you won't be sorry.