Our data center is located in France, in data center OVH, which was founded in 2003 and is one of the biggest data centers in the world. At the moment they own more than 15 data centers all around the world, including two which are among the largest ones in the world. Data center is certified following next ISO certifications: ISO 27001:2005, ISO 27002, ISO 27005, and SOC 1 and 2 type I certifications.

Connectivity: 3Tbps

In order to provide our clients with the best experience possible, we set up our servers in a data center with a total connectivity of 3 terabytes per second. Servers are located on their own network infrastructure which protects them from DDOS attacks.

General Information

0% of CO2 emissions - 100% Green hosting
Redundant UPS system
Diesel power generator
N+2 redundancy
Cooling devices
Monitoring and control of air temperaturea
Early notification to firemen, automatic gas extinguishing in order to prevent equipment damages
24/7 recording and supervision of data center