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WHOIS protection
Free whois protection
Did you know that the data about domain owners can be found in publicly available WHOIS database? Now you can hide your domain property information for free by registering your domain.

Manage your domain
Manage your domains
Manage your domains fast and easy. Adjust name servers, manage your WHOIS protection, DNS host records and forward e-mails.

E-mail forwarding
E-mail forwarding
Want to keep track of all your mail from just one account? Turn on free e-mail forwarding which is available for every domain you order.

Register any national or global domain

We offer one of the most affordable domain registration in Europe. All domains are registered in your name, and they come with a bunch of options that other do not offer, and are ready to use in only 15 minutes.

.com / .net / .org / .eu  10€/year.      .info  8€/year.      .hr  85€/year.  8€/year      .me  25€/year.      .biz  8,5€/year

Registration of .hr domains!

The right to register one free .hr domain has every legal person that resides in Republic of Croatia. Each additional domain will be charged at the price of 85€

In order to register your .hr domain, it is necessary to check its availability by using the form above. After checking the availability you need to submit all the necessary documentation. In case of natural persons: name of company/organisation, address, OIB, MB, phone number, e-mail address, and for legal persons you also need a scanned or photographed ID card (or passport). When registering .hr and domain, you agree and fully accept Regulations on the organisation and management of national internet domain.

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Interested in other TLDs?

Common TLDs are not enough for you? Check out over 20 other TLDs that are waiting for you in one place and order your new domain today.

.COM.HR 8,5 €

.ASIA 82,00 €

.BIZ 8,5 €

.BZ 22,00 €

.CC 22,00 €

.CN 15,00 €

.CN.COM 45,00 €

.CO 30,00 €

.COM 10,00 €

.EU 10,00 €

.IN 12,00 €

.INFO 8,00 €

.ME 25,00 €

.MOBI 155,00 €

.NAME 12,00 €

.RU 6,00 €

.TV 30,00 €

.UK (3rd level) 8,00 €

.US 10,00 €

.WS 30 €